Monday, December 13, 2010

Making Lemonaid

Three months ago I wrote a post about a flood in my neighborhood found here. A block full of people lost virtually everything in their homes, and the repairs brought the houses down to bare studs. The bad news was, since it was in a 500-year flood plain, none of the homes had flood insurance. The worse news came when the national government did not declare it a disaster area for unknown reasons. Those poor people still have dumpsters in their yards and PODS on their driveways containing the precious few possessions that were salvageable.

Driving home yesterday, I spied some new Christmas decorations covering the POD, dumpster and RV of some homeowners working to get back into their homes. I'll have to give it to these people for their holiday spirit, and for making the most of a difficult situation. May they find themselves back in their homes soon, and may they have a Merry (little) Christmas.

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Anonymous said...

Actually that is quite encouraging!
May we all celebrate from where we are and may they recover quickly!