Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Friend is a Stranger You Haven't Met

This Christmas season is harder than I ever imagined anything could be. The Novocaine of Early Grief has worn off, and things Merry and Jolly are blunt force objects. Every time I feel a subject for a post rising up in my mind, it sounds like a long and annoying whine. I have considered suspending this blog, even though the processing it has granted me has been extremely therapeutic. I just don't want to be an assault on the hearts and minds of others.

As I've been mulling that thought over for the past week, I've also prepared to be a hostess at a women's Christmas brunch this weekend at my church. (Overextended much?) The guest speaker was a sculptor who shared with unflinching and unapologetic honesty about her struggle with walking out the Christian life. When she finished her talk I made a mental note that keeping it real is not a bad thing after all. As that thought was beginning to head downward from my head to my heart, a lady tapped me on the shoulder. "You're R! I wanted to come meet you. I read your blog and I can't tell you how much it has helped me. You write things that I wish I could write. It is like you say it for me."

I was momentarily speechless. Hard for you to believe if you are a real life, not virtual, friend 'o mine. But I recovered enough to hug her and ask her how she found my blog. She mentioned a mutual friend who blogs here. This blogger is the very friend who inspired me to start posting; she's also the parent of a former student. (One of the best fishing holes for great and lifelong friends.)

So, shout out to Susan. Thanks for taking the time for a few kind and casual words to a stranger. You've encouraged me to continue on. And reminded me that it is OK to be real, even if the subject is not always jolly.


Lynn said...

Not to sound like a broken record, but you be real and share whatever you need to share. You really are doing well on your grief journey. I had the same experience that first year. Nov 28 is very close to Dec 25 so it was kind of a blurr.

Dawn said...

Ditto Lynn's comment. It's always better to be real and deal with the emotions and feelings rather than stuffing them down in and pretending to be anything other than what you are.

Wasn't the Christmas Celebration wonderful? And, it was especially nice to see you.

Give me some ideal times for a coffee date if you're up to it and have the time!

susan said...

I've been meaning to read your blog since Saturday, and find myself just now getting to it. I wanted to be sure to encourage you to NOT quit writing this blog. Sad as it is, I don't find many christians who are real, and share their struggles. It's encouraging to my own christian walk to find folks such as yourself who are real and share the real struggles in their life. It encourages me to keep-on keeping-on in my faith walk. Soooo THANK YOU for being so gracious on Saturday. I'm glad I didn't chicken out of coming over and meeting you. God Bless. Your writings are especially encouraging now as I lost my mom 11/10/10. xoxo

Sarah said...

I think I saw that same sculptor at an event a year or two back. I loved her and loved her sculptures. I have one on my mantel.

I love how blogging connects people and encourages people. What I never foresaw with my own blog is that it would bring me closer to my family--the ones who live far away and the ones who live in the next town. Somehow I feel comfortable writing things that I might not feel free to say in person.

I'm glad you are going to keep writing. Your blog is a joy in my journey.