Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Take Two and Call Me in the Morning

I had a slight headache for the past week. I've been able to keep it under submission with Tylenol, Clariton D and copious amounts of caffeine. During this crazy-busy time of year, it's easy to explain away sickness as too much activity, too much rich food and too little sleep. Or all of the above.

But when I woke up this morning with a pounding head - again - I mentally counted the days until back-to-school: four. For some reason, that commercial featuring a teacher with a sinus headache flashed through my mind. Do you know the one? The teacher has pounding sinuses, is doing effleurage on her forehead, when a small child across the classroom pulls out Sharp Scissors. In slow-motion, she covers the distance to prevent the kiddy equivalent of hari-kari. I think she even leaps over a few desks. And all because of two brand name aspirin. Which were not cutting it for me.

So, this afternoon found me plodding back to the doctor's office that can see me without an appointment. I guess the office staff does not read blogs like this one, because I was allowed to sign in. And I was seen in a relatively short time. It was "only" a sinus infection, so I was only given two prescriptions this time but, alas, no magic shots.

The antibiotic of choice was Ciprofloxacin. You may remember it as Cipro during the anthrax scare. The good news? There is no shortage of it right now. The bad news? The instructions plainly state I should not "ingest large amounts of caffeine." Drat. The drugs or the caffeine?

Is there a door number 3?

Texted Married Daughter on the way home because I still feel the need to let someone know when I'm sick. Even if they live 1,321 miles away. Give or take. And then I took my meds and crawled under the blankets.

The good news? My Christmas trip to New York was cancelled when family came to my home instead. I could be blogging with a sinus headache right now while trapped at LaGuardia Airport.

The better news? I think I'll have this sinus snafu healed by the time I return to the Land of Second Grade. Home of permanent markers, sharp scissors, squeezable glue and potential critters lulled inside by leftover Holiday Party crumbs.

I don't claim the ability to leap over desks. Even on my best days. But I do know there is a party going on in my head while looking forward to going back to my 18 seven-year old best friends and their Yuletide Tales. Can't wait!


Craig Weeks said...

"potential critters lulled inside"

Like this?

Anonymous said...

Get well Friend! Snuggle under some blankets, watch some tv and sleep.... ~A

Anne Smith said...

so sorry that you are sick, you are in my prayers as always!