Tuesday, December 7, 2010

O Christmas Tree...Assemble Yourself

The plan for last Christmas, my first one without D, was to (A) leave town and (B) not decorate. At all.

The plan for this Christmas was amazingly the same. In fact, identically the same.

Until circumstances stepped in and I will no longer be visiting Married Daughter and Young Son-In-Law in Pennsylvania after all. They will be coming here!

Except that means putting up my tree. Yea for everything except for the tree. Drat on the tree.

I finally hauled the artificial tree's box home into the living room. It sat there for a week, and I gave it a swift kick every time I passed it. But, amazingly, it did not set itself up. I've tried, goodness knows: I'VE TRIED to put that tree up, but it is a no go. How can I be emotionally attached to a box full of artificial branches?

I finally hired a 20 something sweet friend to put up and decorate the tree. The plan is she will come while I'm away, set up the tree, and I will enter a house that is tree-filled. Done. But not by me.

Baby steps back to that place called "Normal" during the holidays.


Locketts said...

I wish Ava and I were closer. We like assembling trees so much we have three at home, and even helped at church. Glad you'll have kiddos home for Christmas! Come see us!

Craig Weeks said...

I am so with you on putting up the tree ... and all other Christmas decorating for that matter, but obviously for different reasons. I am by no means anti-Christmas, but I get no joy out of decorating and even less out of undecorating after all the fun is over. (Maybe you should hire your 20-something to come back and undo it all.) Kudos, on kicking the box with frequency and enthusiasm. Somehow, that just seems right.

Lynn said...

You know how I'm feeling about that this year, but I'm not sure what my problem is, yours I understand.:-)