Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Choosing the Good Part

Advice that is given to me over and over is, "Try to get out of the house some. The caregiver needs to take care of the caregiver." 

Which would be great advice if there was something I really felt like doing. On this tilting planet we seem to have inhabited, it is hard to work up the desire to wander through a store. I don't care about the 80% off sale at Hobby Lobby in housewares. Very few things outside our home seem to matter.

You probably know the Martha/Mary tug-of-war in the book of Luke. Martha thought she should work, work, work. And she thought everyone else should be work, work, working with her. But Mary chose to sit at the feet of Jesus. One translation is that Mary "listened until she understood".  And Jesus said Mary "had chosen the good part: the part that will not be taken away."

In the craziness of this loud world, let's chose the good part today. But remember that God's voice is often a whisper and we have to listen carefully to hear it. 


Buttercup said...

So much to think about. In my life G-d's voice comes at the most unexpected times and generally when the most tears are being shed. Hugs across the miles!

Pat said...

There is a season for 80% off Hobby Lobby stuff...and there is a season for just listening quietly to God. Capture the moments you are living right now...As "A" says often "live purposefully". We are with you dear friend.

melanieb said...

What a good reminder. Some days it's harder to slow down than to get going. Thank you. Still praying for you and the family.