Saturday, June 13, 2009

Digital Memories

I may have mentioned on this blog a time or twenty that I have four precious friends who have walked this road of life with me since high school. We went to different colleges for the most part, but we stayed close through careers, marriages, and babies. (And we did it the old fashioned way, before the invention of new-fangled cell phones and email. Walking barefoot through the snow uphill... Oops...sorry, that's another story. I mean blog.)

In the past year and a half, we begun attending some pretty special occasions as our now-adult children are getting married. We always try to get a shot of the five of us at these weddings as evidenced here and here. Three of our combined 17 children married off in just two weddings!

In May, we intended to attend P's oldest daughter's wedding. Plane tickets were purchased, dresses were decided on, and we looked forward to celebrating together once more. Until an emergency arose that left one husband hospitalized and the trip was cancelled.

Plans were made to be sure the picture of all five friends was still shot at the reception. Even if only two friends actually attended. A minor detail, apparently.

Thanks to my oldest daughter for helping make sure the tradition continued. Over the years, our kids have made a lot of fun about the noise their moms make when we are all together. And for our love for all things Barry Manilow. (Oh, sorry. That was just me.)

And thanks to all our children for the happy times we know are ahead through the remaining 13-weddings-to-be.

Who's next? Anybody? Bueller? Anybody?

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asteinocher said...

We missed you at J's wedding. But we will be together again... just at the right time! Thanks friends for making the effort over the years to stay in touch, the seasons are changing but I look forward to being there together as they do!
One of the 5, A