Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to my husband, D. 

You came into our lives when my two children were small. We were abandoned, destitute and basically homeless. The journey hasn't been an easy one, has it? But we've raised our combined clan to see all four children attend college (one in grad school now), and grow into really neat newly minted adults.

I appreciate that you were fair and wise during the teenaged days. (FOUR TEENAGERS AT ONE TIME!) And you were encouraging of the independence when they graduated high school and entered into college with their future plans. We have an artist, a writer, a chaplain and one interested in international business. Quite a mixed lot. And so much of it due to your encouragement of their individual talents.

There aren't enough words to say how much we all love you and pray for your healing.

Thanks, D. Hope this Father's Day is especially dear to you.

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Buttercup said...

Joining in prayers for healing and sending wishes for a joyous Father's Day.