Tuesday, June 16, 2009


As our children leave the nest, there are more and more little details we miss out on in their lives. I've always thought there should be a World Wide Mommy-Cam (wwm.cam) to be able to check on the little ones.  Yes, I know that sounds like 1984 and Big Mother is watching you. But I often think I'd love to see the special moments that are far from my eyes now.

Enter: friends with cameras. This candid shot was taken at a friend's daughter's wedding that I was unable to attend. In the background there is a shot of my daughter waiting for her turn at the buffet table. (Click picture to enlarge the starry eyes.) And looking adoringly at her husband standing next to her. *Sigh.* Does this mother's heart good.

Every time I talk to my daughter on the phone (long distance to Missouri which is two states too far away), I always ask her, "Are you still madly in love with J?" "Yes, Mom," she always says sweetly. (Except the one time I forgot to ask and I received a text minutes later: "And I'm still madly in love with J.")

I welcome your pictures of my children. Unless they involve  shots of Young Son in Costa Rica being bit by those pesky monkeys. And I quote from his comment left on this post : 
mom - the monkeys cannot break the skin. thank god. otherwise i would have been in big trouble when i was showing him to a tour about an hour ago and he went for my neck. "tarzan" has a strange way of showing affection... at least he hasn't wet on me yet.

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Craig Weeks said...

Just know this Mrs. O. At least one of your faithful noticed your need to clean up young son's language. But, maybe good writing comes from good editing. :)