Saturday, August 8, 2009

Home to Texas

Good-bye daily walk to the beach!

Good-bye view of the ocean from my beach chair!

Good-bye elderly tourist fashionistas!

On my way home to Texas today, and I have to confess it is rough leaving and knowing I'm going back to face more Reality. I think I've cried more tears this week then in all my other years combined. Hoping that the worst is behind me in the privacy of this vacation. 

I found a quote by actress Helen Hayes. Looking back on the period following her husband's death, she said, "I was just as crazy as you can be and still be at large."  That is exactly how I feel at times.

Back to teaching inservice on August 17; students August 24. Wishing to be ready.


Buttercup said...

Hope Reality is better than expected. Enjoyed all of your photos.

at His feet said...

wearing yellow socks and praying for you.

Anonymous said...

YOU are truly an amazing women. An inspiration to us all for so many years!!!Your wisdom, wit, faith, courage, and creativity far exceeds anyone I know!! You are a blessing!! Dear Lord hold her close, comfort her, guide her every step, let her feel Your presence and give her Your favor for this coming year. Love ya, Patty R.

Anonymous said...

Keeping busy for Him can be one of the best antidotes for the hurting soul!

Being broken is beautiful to the Lord. He's going to use you in amazing and precious ways in the weeks and months to come in spite of ALL the difficult changes you are going through!

May God bless you and your new class of students!

From one educator to another......