Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Three Guesses

Guess where I went today?
If you have not seen this movie, run--do not walk--to go see it.

There was the most unusual sound coming out of my mouth throughout the entire movie. I had forgotten what it sounded like lately. It is called "laughter". Loud, long and lengthy laughter.
Guess who I went with? Loyal Sister and I went to a theater that serves food because (hello!) this is a movie about food. (Hear that unusual sound? That is Loyal Sister screaming when she discovers how I photoshopped our picture. Little sisters can be so picky.)
Guess what this is? Loyal Sister and I have passed this cat back and forth for over a decade, always decorated for the occasion. Cat served as the centerpiece at our theater celebration. Cat has been photographed with many famous celebrities, but today it just served to remind us this was our "NOT 30" celebration. (If you think this has to do with our age, God bless you.) 

If you are a very close, lifelong friend you know what we were making Big Whoop over. If not, please join me in celebrating a day that included a lot of laughter. I am so glad to know that I am still capable of it. And hoping for more in the future.


Buttercup said...

So glad you had fun! I liked "Julie and Julia" so much, too. I both laughed and cried and at the end of the movie the jaded NY audience clapped.

Craig Weeks said...

Thanks so much for the Photoshop explanation. I thought maybe you were sitting too close to the sun, which seemed like it was going to make watching a movie more difficult.

A friend posted on FB that she was glad she had her popcorn with all that great, larger than life food on the screen. But you two took that idea to the next level. I started to say something about "real food", but I know where you went. It's not popcorn but I don't think it rises to the level of "real food" either.

Gina said...

Our office ladies saw the show last night for a girls night out. We went to a trendy little restaurant first and were glad we did after watching the movie about food! It was a great movie and a great night out!

Lynn said...

So glad you had fun!! I have been wondering about going to see this movie, now I will! Not sure what I'll do about all the food! I'm glad you have your sister close by to go with you.

Anonymous said...

What a great way to celebrate a big not happening today day! So glad to hear there is still laughter and what a great movie to show you it is still there. D Would smile that you are smiling!
Thanks for loyal sisters to join in the celebration!
Loved the movie too!! ~A

Locketts said...

I've often wondered where my cat hatred came from, but seeing your little trophy brought back a sea of memories. Besides the ones attached to the square in the tux, were the ones of two vital blond sisters with four kiddos in toe at the New Braunfels Outlets. Said sisters made frequent cracks about cats and the disgust with their existence. Growing up in a house that always had cats, I dealt. But now I share the views of the diabolical duo who my little eyes so admired;) Thanks for the memories!