Friday, August 7, 2009


Well, what vacation would be complete without a visit to the Outlet Malls? I've tried to take the scenic backroads everywhere I went while I was in Maine, but the Outlet trip was taken on the toll road for speed and efficiency. I found new school shoes, and some amazing information: summer clothes are discounted 90% here because it is almost time for the Mainers (I promise that is what they call themselves...) will start pulling out their fall clothes soon. The summer blouses I just bought? I can probably comfortably wear them through Thanksgiving in Texas.
This is  a real business in the area I'm staying near. Multi-tasking at its best.
These signs just go up in random driveways after a day's catch. 13 lobsters for less than $4 each. This is the time of year for soft shell lobsters, because they are shedding their shells as they grow. The locals tell me the meat is sweeter and more tender during soft shell season. Kind of makes you want to choke at Red Lobster's prices, doesn't it?
My own sign, written on the beach this morning during low tide. Taking this with me and holding onto it for the return trip to Texas tomorrow.


Buttercup said...

Love your sign. Lobster and eyeglasses and an outlet mall sounds like a great day to me.
Safe trip to Texas!

Anonymous said...

Dee from Tennessee

And we know in whom you have your HOPE based upon...and He is faithful.