Monday, July 20, 2009

Checking off the list

A day of running errands I'd rather not be running.
Returning rented hospital equipment, items borrowed for the Memorial service and empty pans that formerly held food for the family.
Attending the district's health insurance fair to cancel D's policy. Hearing my reason for cancellation, the kind employee only had me sign my name, write down my social security number and promised to fill out the other 1,000 questions for me on the form. (Hey district lady: I appreciate it more than you can know!)
Picking up paperwork that makes this journey Real and now Official with the State of Texas.
It wasn't all bad.
I got to have lunch at Whole Foods. I picked up a few things for my classroom, which Young Son, Married Daughter and Loyal Sister are going to help me set up tomorrow. I have 123 friends on Facebook after my daughter apparently asked everyone in the Northern Hemisphere to add me as a friend. 
The plan right now is to spend as much time as possible with son and daughter before they go back to their Real Lives at the end of the week. Next week I'm going to try to see some friends around town. And then I'll view  the Atlantic from a beach in Maine. I get peaceful just thinking about that.
The hardest thing right now? Getting used to no boundaries. It doesn't matter how long I take at the store or when I get home. I don't have to plan meals or shuttle to doctor's visits. Maybe, much later, those things will become the easiest. Maybe all this freedom will feel good. For now? The world seems  a little bit too big.
Trusting God for the Plan B.


Anonymous said...

Dee from Tennessee

One day at a time, one hour at a time and on a really difficult challenging day...just 15 minutes at a time. He will provide His strength and His grace as needed.

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear you went to church Sunday, stepping back into life little by little. Think of you everyday as you walk this part of life. Asking God to cover you so you feel enough but not too much at a time...

Craig Weeks said...

I can easily see you getting well north of 300 FB friends before you can hardly turn around. I'm at 299 with several outstanding requests.

But your best writing will still belong right here in the blog. I think there is a way to set up an automatic notification on your FB wall when you add a new blog entry, but I've never done it since I don't blog.

Marcy said...

I'm sure writing is a great outlet for you, and I hope you do lots of it while in Maine. Maine is beautiful. I will be praying for you. We never did have that lunch we were planning a year or so ago...I look forward to seeing you soon when you return. I won't forget to keep praying in the months you. Jon and I are available should you need help in the yard, house things or whatever...

V....Vaughan said...

Hi R....Maine gets closer each day! I can picture you there! Remember to eat a lobster roll or two for me!....and keep blogging! is a suggestion about your blog...PLEASE put an e-mail ink on the front page if you can's easier to reply that way than to fill out this comment form :)