Sunday, July 12, 2009

In the quiet place, He is there

How grateful to God we are for the way He orchestrates our lives. 

D's brother and sister were flying in from Pennsylvania to see him. Their flight was booked weeks ago, but none of us expected their visit to take place at the Hospice Hospital. D had been in a deep sleep for about 8 hours when they finally arrived after midnight last night. He did not wake or respond, but they were both hopeful that they would get to visit with him today. 

The nurse had told us earlier that D would probably not be waking again, but I know that God is in the business of giving us the desires of our hearts and D's siblings were so wanting to talk with him. He did wake up for small stretches this morning and they were able to talk to him and show him pictures. It was a great visit compared to what they were expecting.

D's daughter's visits were also booked weeks ago for  this weekend. Who could have planned this but God? Perfect timing. Before we left for the Hospice Hospital yesterday he gave them some special gifts he had bought earlier for them. One gift was an engraved bracelet (thank you, James Avery staff for the rush job); another was a copy of a book he used to read to his girls when they were little. He wrote an inscription in the book that he hoped they would read the book to his (future) grandchildren. Such precious gifts.

My loyal sister and brother-in-law are here as well. When my Married Daughter and her husband arrive in the next few hours, the gang will all be here--except Young Son who is still in Costa Rica. We've all decided it is best he stays and finishes his class.

Still praying that all that needs to be said and done are said and done. And it seems that God is in the business of answering that prayer even as I type this.


Buttercup said...

Prayers and hugs across the miles from your bloggy friend.

Andrea Harp said...


Vicki A. said...

Thank you for sharing your heart with us. Prayers and thoughts are going your way.

pat said...

"For He gives to His beloved even in his sleep." Ps. 127:2
I know you sense the ministering angels in the room. Bless you and Dave.